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Why Cremation?

A century ago, it was common to see a family cemetery on homesteads across the country.  As culture becam more mobile, many of these family cemeteries faded into the landscape and many were lost forever.  Today's family is highly mobile and will live in multiple locations over the course of a lifetime.  So, where does this leave the deceased family pets?

- You don't need to bury your pet in a place you may not be in 10 years.
- You don't need to bury your pet in a shallow grave, where his remains could be removed by other animals.
- You can scatter your pet's ashes over an area that he/she loved during his/her life.
- You can create a memorial in your home to remember the joy created by your special friend.
- Your pets ashes can be kept and buried with you when the time arises.

Cremation gives you options....

     What you decide to do when our pet dies is your decision, but cremation gives you options!